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Welcome to Agro Tech Exhibition

| About Exhibition

Welcome to the Agro Tech Exhibition 2024 in Nashik,
Maharashtra! Join us for an innovative and informative event dedicated to the latest
advancements in agricultural technology. This exhibition is a unique opportunity for
farmers, researchers, industry professionals, and technology enthusiasts to come
together and explore the future of agriculture.

Why Agro Tech Exhibition

The dynamic intersection of innovation, tradition, and aspiration is found at agricultural shows.  These occasions serve as more than just exhibitions; they mark the pace of agricultural development.  Agri exhibits bring to life the very essence of farming, from cutting-edge equipment that whispers  promises of efficiency to age-old methods that whisper wisdom. They serve as the meeting places for  farmers, specialists, and enthusiasts to collaborate and share more than just ideas. In a world that  evolves at the speed of technology, these exhibitions bridge the gap between rural roots and urban  advancements, cultivating a future where every harvest is a triumph and every field a canvas of  potential. 

Discover the most recent technological developments in
precision agriculture, smart farming, crop monitoring, and more.

Participate in hands-on workshops and demonstrations
showcasing practical applications of agri tech solutions.

Listen to industry experts and thought leaders discussing trends,
challenges, and opportunities in the agricultural technology sector.

Explore a wide range of booths featuring leading companies and
startups presenting their innovative products and services.

Connect with fellow attendees, potential collaborators, and
technology providers to foster new partnerships.

Event Highlights


 9:00 AM – Registration Opens
 10:00 AM – Inauguration Ceremony
 11:00 AM – Keynote Address Revolutionizing Agriculture through Technology
 12:30 PM – Lunch Break
 2:00 PM – Workshop Introduction to Precision Farming
 4:00 PM – Panel Discussion Sustainable Farming Practices in the Digital Age
 6:00 PM – Exhibition Closes

9:00 AM – Exhibition Opens
11:00 AM – Seminar IoT Applications in Agriculture
1:00 PM – Lunch Break
3:00 PM – Workshop Hands-on Drone Use for Crop Monitoring
5:00 PM – Tech Startup Pitch Session
6:00 PM – Exhibition Closes

 9:00 AM – Exhibition Opens
 11:00 AM – Seminar Data Analytics for Yield Optimization
 1:00 PM – Lunch Break
 3:00 PM – Workshop Automating Irrigation Systems
 5:00 PM – Panel Discussion Challenges and Opportunities in Agro Tech
 6:00 PM – Exhibition Closes

 9:00 AM – Exhibition Opens
 11:00 AM – Seminar & Future Trends in Agro Tech
 1:00 PM – Lunch Break
 3:00 PM – Workshop Agricultural Robotics and AI
 5:00 PM – Closing Ceremony and Awards
 6:00 PM – Exhibition Concludes

Participation Cost

FURNISH STALL COST :Cost = 9,650 Rs. per Square Meter
The smallest furnish stall size is
9 sq mtr. ( 3mx3m )
[ With All Standard Facilities Available ]

Cost = 6,500 Rs. per Square Meter
The smallest raw stall size is
18 ( 6mx3m )
[ No Standard Facilities Available ]


9,650 Rs/sq.m
9,350 Rs/sq.m
6,950 Rs/sq.m



Note: 18% GST will be added.


6,500 Rs/sq.m
7,500 Rs/sq.m
8,500 Rs/sq.m



Note: 18% GST will be added.

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