Selection Criteria For Business Awards  presented by SwiftNlift Media Group: 

A ) Selection Criteria for Enterprises and Entrepreneurs: 

1. Demonstrated Journey of Success and Development: – Evaluation of the applicant’s trajectory, showcasing efforts towards advancement in related activities. 

2. Initiatives for Growth and Transformation: – Assessment of proactive measures taken to foster growth and adaptability within the enterprise. 

3. Utilization of Unique Leadership Qualities: – Recognition of distinctive leadership attributes contributing to sustainable and profitable growth.

4. Embrace of Better Business Management Practices: – Consideration of adherence to good governance, ethical conduct, fostering credibility, and  creditworthiness.  

5. Contributions towards Economic and Social Development: – Evaluation of efforts towards fostering economic, industrial growth, and societal well-being. 

6. Advocacy for Policy Change and Implementation: – Recognition of initiatives undertaken to advocate for policy reform and ensure effective  implementation.  

7. Professional Background and Expertise: – Examination of professional background, expertise, and contributions, whether as a first-generation  entrepreneur, corporate leader, or within family-managed businesses, focusing on capacity building and  diversification.  

8. Utilization of Entrepreneurial Leadership Qualities: – Assessment of entrepreneurial leadership qualities employed for sustainable growth and resilience in  competitive markets.  

9. Innovation and Quality Improvement: – Evaluation of innovations, quality enhancements, and unique strategies employed for business  growth, market positioning, and profitability. 

10. Research and Development: – Consideration of investments and advancements in research and development, adoption of  technology, and contributions to societal progress. 

11. Marketing, Promotion, and Branding Strategies:– Assessment of marketing, promotional, and branding initiatives aimed at enhancing sales,  profitability, and market credibility. 

12. Employment Generation and Welfare Efforts: – Evaluation of efforts towards employment generation, growth rate, and initiatives for employee welfare.  

13. International Standardization and Energy Conservation: – Recognition of adherence to international standards, energy conservation measures, and  commitment to industrial safety.

14. Social Responsibility and Contribution: – Assessment of contributions towards societal welfare, empowerment of SMEs, young entrepreneurs,  and startups through mentorship and support. 

15. Future Expansion and Diversification Plans: – Review of outlined plans for future expansion or diversification within the enterprise. 

16. Performance-Based Evaluation: – Evaluation based on performance benchmarks within respective industries. 

17. Awards and Recognitions: – Consideration of awards, recognitions, and contributions conferred in the last three years, excluding  political activities.

B) Selection Criteria for Banks, NBFCs, Insurance, PSUs, Education, and other Institutions:

1. Efforts for Industry Growth and Empowerment: – Recognition of exclusive efforts aimed at fostering the growth and empowerment of industries, SMEs,  and startups. 

2. Provision of Affordable Products and Services: – Assessment of unique offerings tailored for the SME sector, promoting affordability and accessibility. 

3. Promotion of SMEs and Startups: – Evaluation of promotional activities designed to benefit SMEs, startups, and women entrepreneurs. 

4. Support for Procurement and Supply Chain Management: – Recognition of initiatives supporting procurement from SMEs and strengthening supply chain  management. 

5. Strengthening SMEs for Global Competition: – Assessment of measures taken to bolster SMEs, enabling them to compete effectively in domestic and  international markets.

6. Educational and Awareness Programs: – Evaluation of educational initiatives and awareness programs fostering knowledge and skill  development among SMEs and their workforce. 

7. Timely Issue Redressal and Crisis Management: – Recognition of prompt issue resolution and support provided during crises and critical situations.

8. Support for Quality Improvement and Innovation: – Assessment of support extended for quality enhancement, product development, research, and  industrial automation within SMEs.  

9. Financial Product Promotion: – Recognition of unique efforts in promoting financial products tailored for the SME sector.

10. Support Services for Business Ventures: – Evaluation of support services facilitating the transformation of business ideas into profitable  ventures.